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Nerds Only Section

This section is just about as unimportant to you as it is to us. So, why have it? Ok. We’ve been there and can feel your pain. 

There are so many textile terms, specifications, systems, etc. that are still used for decades (even after they have been rescinded).  It is our humble attempt to collect as much nerdy stuff as possible and list them here. Hopefully, it helps someone who really is looking for it.

4-Points Fabric Inspection System

All our greige and finished cotton canvas fabrics are inspected as per the ASTM D 5430 – 07 (2011) standard. This is popularly known as the 4-Points Fabric Inspection System or Worth Street Rules.  A very good explanation of this inspection method can be found in this article.

Read 4 point fabric inspection.

In the coming days, we will be adding more to the above information.

Please find the selling terms and conditions of Prestige Impex, Inc. here:  Prestige Impex Terms and Conditions.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for our fabrics are given below.
In 1989, the spec CCC-D-950F was replaced with the new spec. A-A-59708. A lot of our customers still seem to reference the old spec. For your convenience, we have listed the old and the new specifications below. A few more common commercial and military specs for greige or the finished fabrics are outlined below. This is a growing collection. Please bookmark and visit this page often. We welcome your suggestions.