Fabrics for Hunting & Camping

A choice of fabrics for the hunting and camping industries. 

We have a wide range of fabrics that are used by manufacturers of products for the Camping & Hunting Industry.

  • Tents, Tipis, Canvas Yurts, etc.
  • Canvas bed rolls, Packing bags, Duffle bags etc.
  • Ground covers, liners for tents, Tarps, etc.
  • Gun Cases, Scabbard Cases, Holsters, etc.
  • Caps, Hats, Safety Gloves, etc.
  • Ice-fishing shelters
  • Meat packing bags, Game Bags, etc.
  • Canvas Saddle bags, mantees, feed buckets, etc.
  • Water bottle bags, archery targets and many more!

We have these fabrics available to you with water, mildew and flame retardant finishes like Sunforger, Canvak, Pyrosnuff, Para-Dyed, etc. Please contact us for details.