Raw Cotton Fabric

Also known as loomstate, greige (pronounced as “grey”) and unfinished fabric. Produced mostly with 100% cotton yarns on the warp and fill. But blends are available as well. 

Loomstate Raw Canvas Fabrics

Greige : The cloth as it comes from the looms. i.e, NOT finished, bleached, dyed or printed in any way [Origin : French]. Also known as “Gray” or “Grey”.

We have a large collection of woven, raw/loom-state, cotton fabrics for various industrial applications. Most of these are imported from our mills in India. We also have a  decent stock program in “Made in the U.S.A” fabrics as well. The collection below is grouped based on the commercial names of these fabrics. If you already know what you are looking for, please click on that selection. If not, no worries! Please visit the “Applications” page and click on the industry that applies to you. If you need further assistance, please send an email through our contact form or call us at +1-843-647-6363.

Number Duck

Constructed with coarser and often at times with plied (multiple yarnber. #12 Duck is the lightest (11.5 Oz./sq.yd) and twisted together) yarns and assigned a num #1 Duck is the heaviest (26 Oz./sq.yd).

"Single Fill" Duck!!

Also known as "Ounce Ducks". Usually has single yarns running in the warp and the fill direction of the fabric. A versatile general purpose cloth.

Army Duck

A fairly lightweight, but with a tight/smooth weave. Mostly used for manufacturing camping tents, tipis, boat covers, etc.

Sheeting & Print Cloth

Plain weave fabrics, having a flat construction (eg., 60x60) and usually not over 5 Oz./sq.yd. A very popular choice for generic end uses (upholstery, home textiles, etc.)

Twills, Sateens, Drills & Denims

A thick diagonal weave (usually at about 45 degrees) on one side of the cloth to prevent reduction in the fabric rip and tear.

Polycotton Fabric

Polyester-Cotton Blended fabrics - available as plain and twill weaves.