Army Ducks

Army Duck : A firm, plain woven cloth made with plied yarns in both warp and filling. Similar in nature to number ducks, but usually made with finer yarns, in higher counts and lighter weights. The name got popular because the cloth was widely used to make tents for the military.

Untreated Cotton Canvas Number Ducks

Army Duck – 10.10 Oz.

  • Construction : Yarns : 14/2 x 14/2
  • Thread Count 54 x 42
  • Weight : ~10.10 Oz/Sq.Yd (342 gm)
  • Stock Widths : 37″ & 63″
  • Description : A medium weight, smooth and tightly woven fabric.

By far, the most popular choice amongst the Army Ducks. It has been the most sought-after fabric by the military for many decades to make tents and canopies. Since there are plied yarns on the warp and fill, this fabric packs elegance with strength. A chic tote bag or a sturdy boat cover – this is the go-to fabric! Industries that use our 10.10 Oz. Army Duck : Military, Marine covers, Tents, Tipis, Designer tote bags, Artist Canvas and more.

Army Duck – 12.65 Oz.

  • Construction : Yarns : 12/2 x 12/2
  • Thread Count 60 x 40
  • Weight : ~12.65 Oz/Sq.Yd (429 gsm)
  • Stock Widths : 37″
  • Description : A heavy weight, smooth and tightly woven fabric.

To produce a consistent fabric that squeezes almost 100 threads to a square inch using coarse 12’s yarns is the capstone of all challenges to a weaving mill. Over the years, our mills have acquired the expertise in producing quality army ducks on conventional shuttle looms (with a woven edge) and on modern sulzer looms (with a tucked-in edge). Industries that use our 12.65 Oz. Army Duck : Military, Marine covers, Tents, Tipis and more.