Mil-Spec Fabrics

Greige and Finished textiles for the Military (US Marine, Army, Navy and Air Force). Also specified by other non-military industries (eg., Parachute)

Fabrics for the Military

We carry a line of Mil-Spec fabrics as a stock program.  We regularly supply a number of greige industrial fabrics that go into making several products for the US Military. We also do custom finishing to do meet various specifications. We also can supply you with 100% made in the USA made fabrics – greige and finished certified to meet Berry Compliance. Please contact us with specifics on the project and we can gladly assist you.

We supply fabrics that meet several commercial specifications. We also convert and finish fabrics per the various specifications outlined by the Army, Navy & Air Force. The list is exhaustive. So, we are sampling just a few of the projects we have done in the past. We also have a stock program on vat dyed government spec goods. Please let us know how we can help you on your next project.

Note: The colors shown below may differ in hue & saturation from one color monitor to another.  

  • Greige fabrics made per CCC-C-419, PIA-C-419, CCC-C-443A, MIL-D-2384A and many more!
  • A-A-59708 (also referred as CCC-D-950)
  • CCC-C-428 T1 C1, OD#7
  • MIL-C-43627
  • MIL-F-46032
  • Various Flame Retardant Specs [CPAI-84, California-117, NFPA-701, Federal Test method : 5902, etc.]
  • MIL-C-44103
  • A-A-55235 and more!