Sunforger Finish Fabrics

Canvas, Ducks, Twills, Polyesters, Blends, Denims, Sheetings, Print Cloths, Dyed, Recycled, Organics, USA made – we have a decent collection of fabrics for most industrial applications.

10 Oz. SF Duck -SMBS (Colorless) & FR.

Sunforger Finish Fabrics

A trade mark finish from MF&H Textiles, GA. This is the most preferred finish for Boat Covers, Tents, Campers, Covers and other Outdoor applications. This is a dry finish and almost odorless. The fabric is breathable. The fabric is “Mineral Dyed” and a durable water repellent, rot resistant, mildew resistant finish is applied. The fabric treated with this finish has excellent light fastness. It is breathable and also flexible in cold temperatures. We can also supply fabrics with either Regular or Marine Finish, Boat Shrunk (SMBS). We can also treat the fabric per FMVSS-302 or CPAI-84 Flame Retardant specifications. For boat covers and similar marine products, we can also apply this finish on a polycotton fabric as well. We carry a stock line of 10.10 Oz. & 12.65 Oz. army ducks with SMBS-FR & SMBS-non FR finishes. We can offer this product in the following colors : Pearl Grey, Colorless, Suntan, Light Pigment Grey and Khaki.

Kartex Cover

Kartex Fabrics

Kartex is same as the SMBS-Non FR finish described above except that the Sunforger finish is applied to a 8 Oz. Canton Flannel. The fabric is brushed on one side to give a soft, nappy feel. The fabric is breathable and the durable water and mildew resistant finish protects it from the elements. Kartex fabric is very useful in protecting the soft interior side ensures that the fabric leaves no scratch mark on the painted surface. Kartex is available in our stocks in the Suntan color. The fabric is 56/57″ wide and put up on approximately 80 yard rolls. The rolls can be shipped UPS ground.