Polycotton Fabrics

An intimate blend of polyester fibers with cotton yarns to produce fine fabrics. 

Greige Industrial Fabrics – Polycotton Ducks and Twills

As much as we all love the natural touch and feel of cotton, there does exist quite a few situations where a 100% Cotton simply is not enough. For multiple reasons, the cotton fibers need to be blended with another synthetic fiber like rayon, polyester, lycra etc. for increased durability and performance in the end product. We have a stock program of ducks and twills made with a Polyester-Cotton blend. On request, we can also supply you with varying proportions of the poly-cotton or a linen-cotton, rayon-cotton, nylon-cotton, carbon-cotton blends (used for making anti-static apparel and mats).

Dyed Polycotton Fabrics (all popular colors)

7 Oz. SF Duck – 60% Cotton – 40% Poly

  • 60% Cotton – 40% Poly, 16’s x 10’s, 84 x 28, 7 Oz. SF Duck
  • 60% Cotton – 40% Poly, 14’s x 12’s, 80 x 42, 7 Oz. PC Twill
  • 60% Cotton – 40% Poly, 10’s x 7’s, 84 x 32, 10 Oz. PC Duck
  • 65% Poly – 35% Cotton, 26’s x 26’s, 99 x 50, Poplin

We have connections with a few domestic mills and can supply you with close-outs in DYED Polycotton fabrics (all popular colors). Please contact us for details.