Fabrics for Abrasive Products

Cloth wheels coated with abrasive substances have been in use for many centuries. Popularly known as the  buff (buffing) cloth wheels, these wheels are used instead of the grinding stone in select applications (eg., woodworking).

Fabrics for the Abrasive Products Industry

We supply several cotton fabrics that are widely in the abrasive products industry. These cloth buff wheels are used for metal polishing, woodworking, jewel polishing, shoe polish, dental buffs, etc.

100% Cotton Sheeting, 20’s x 20’s, 60 x 60

100% Cotton Sheeting, 30’s x 30’s, 76 x 72

100% Cotton Sheeting, 40’s x 40’s, 133 x 72

100% Cotton Print Cloth, 20’s x 30’s, 86 x 80 (or 90×76)

Canton Flannels

Denims & more!

In addition, we can supply you with coated/finished fabrics with varying grades (Colors) of stiffness to suit the industrial product you are manufacturing.

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