An industry-wise grouping of our fabrics. 

Industrial applications of fabrics

Our fabrics are used in several industrial applications. We thought that it may be easy for you if we group it based on the end-use. 

Abrasive Products

Cloth abrasive wheels, polishing fabrics, etc.

Hunting & Camping

Fabric for tents, tipis, boat covers, etc.


Fabric for industrial filtration purposes.

Protection & Safety Products

Fabrics for tool bags, safety gloves, etc.

Mil Spec Fabrics

Fabrics for the military.

Agriculture Usage

Tractor cover, leaf bags, fruit picking bags, etc.

Promotional Products

Tote bags, messenger bags, etc.

Recreational Products

RV camper awnings, corn toss game bags, etc.


Fabrics for the construction industry

Packing & Transportation

Canvas Tarps, meat packing bags, etc.


Institutional products like uniforms, workwear, etc.

Miscellaneous Applications

Other applications (dog beds, book binding covers, etc.)