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We realize that your time is very important. Going on and on about our supply capability won’t do much good to you. You are here because you have a specific need. Let us talk on that.  Kindly allow us to present to you the various fabric choices we readily keep in our inventory. Our collection ranges from featherweight muslins to super heavyweight cotton ducks in various widths, some even up to 144″. From our warehouses located in SC, NC & GA we can serve complete North America.

Still doesn’t fit your need? We will gladly design a customized solution and supply you the fabric. Please send us an email or call us at 843-647-6363.

Welcome to our Galaxy!

The finished goods were produced quicker than anticipated which was very much appreciated as you were only given a short time to complete the two orders placed with you. B. Curran, Greensboro, NC 27405

My experience was great I would recommend your company to anyone in need of coverings as I was. J. Emerson, Guthrie, OK 73044