Fabrics for Filtration

Industrial filtration using textiles is probably one of the oldest applications known to the man kind (eg. use of a muslin).

Fabrics for the Filtration Industry

Filter fabrics are by far the oldest application of canvas cloths. We have one of the proudest collection of fabrics for the filtration products manufacturers. Some of the fabric choices mentioned below are available in unique widths to suit the end product you are manufacturing. #8 (18 oz) Filter Twill in 38″ & 60″ #6 / #8 / #10 / #12 Cotton Ducks in 32″ to 72″ 12 x 12, 90 x 60, 4/1 Sateen 100% Cotton Flannels and many more constructions that are used in the filtration industry!
  • Centrifuge Cloth
  • Filter Press Cloth
  • Dust collection bags
  • Strainer bags
  • Peanut and other oil squeeze out screens
  • Sludge separation bags
  • Bags for pulp removal, etc.