Greige Industrial Fabrics – Sheeting & Print Cloth

Sheeting: A single carded or combed yarn (warp & filling) plain woven cloth made from 31″ wide to 144″.
Print Cloth: A plain woven cloth made with single carded yarns, approx 30’s in the warp and 40’s in the filling.

100% Cotton Sheeting

100% Cotton Sheeting


Sheeting and Print Cloths are pretty much used here, there and everything in-between! A toy laundry basket for the kid or a hunter’s game bag, these fabrics are used everywhere. They are usually tweaked to accommodate the end product manufactured (and price). The list is big. Rest assured we will have something in our basket to please most of your customers!

  • Cotton Sheeting, 20’s x 20’s, 60 x 60