Sensei 10 oz. Firm Hand

We are excited to introduce our latest fabric collection – the SENSEI 10 oz dyed Cotton ducks. The fabric has been dyed with “Direct Dyes”. It has an extra-resin added to the finish that give a nice beefy hand. Guaranteed to please anyone who needs a little more “oomph” [Tote bags and other fabric products that need a heavy feel]. It is easy to screen print because the fabric is not water repellent. It is competitively priced and readily available to ship. We have several new colors readily available.

Please check our F.A.Q section which answers most of the common questions you will have on our dyed fabrics. If you have a specific question, please contact us. The collection is presented as a slide show to you “as is” without any photo-shopping. The images match closely to the originals, but depending on the color settings on your monitor, it may vary a little. For your convenience, we have also mentioned the closest matching Pantone numbers.

SENSEI 10 Oz. SF Duck (10 Oz.) – Firm Hand – Finished width: 58/59″, Roll size: 50-100 yds. +/-.