Fabrics for Protection & Safety products market

When it comes to safety and protection, we carry most of the tools in our kit! From narrow woven belting fabrics that goes for making safety harnesses to wide canvas slings, we have a solution. We also have the capability to make most of these fabrics meet rigid government and commercial specifications. Typical fabrics that go for such applications are: Number ducks – #12 to #1 in various widths for making tool bags, canvas buckets, junk bags, etc. Single Fill ducks – for bag liners, pockets, safety gloves, canvas drop cloths etc. Army Ducks – for slings, bag handles etc. Rags & Wiping Cloths – for janitorial applications, garage and automobile clean up, etc. Please check our greige industrial fabrics and dyed fabrics for more details.


We have a 100% natural, eco-friendly, super absorbent product that cleans up oil spills in a jiffy? It is also very safe to dispose of the waste. Please click here for details.