10.10 oz Army Ducks (Dyed) – “Da Vinci” Collection

We are proud to present a vibrant dyed stock program in the 10.10 oz. Army Duck fabrics. With an array of 20+ colors to choose from, we are confident that our collection will impress your most discerning client!

The entire Da Vinci collection is dyed at a prestigious dye house in the U.S. The fabric has been dyed with “Direct Dyes” which strikes an optimum balance on dye penetration, crock standards and price. “Smooth” is one word to sum up Da Vinci. With just a little care, products made with our Da Vinci fabric collection will give years of performance, without breaking a sweat!

Please check our F.A.Q section which answers most of the common questions you will have on our dyed fabrics. If you have a specific question, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you. The collection is presented as a slide show to you “as is” without any photo-shopping. The images match closely to the originals, but depending on the color settings on your monitor, it may vary a little. You can also pause and play the slide-show.

Da Vinci, 10.10 oz. Army Duck, Dyed & Water Repellent – Finished width: 58/59″, Roll size: 50-100 yds. +/-.