1. You said and we listened!  Time and again, a lot of customers like you have been requesting us for a poly-cotton blended twill that is rich in cotton. Higher the percentage of cotton, the more natural the fabric feels. The industry norm has always been a 65% Polyester – 35% Cotton Twill. But we are proud to launch a new line that is a reverse blend. The fabric has 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester. The end result is a great fabric that has a rich and deep color, a very soft “cottony” feel and all the benefits of a poly-cotton fabric. We have also added a stain release finish that will help in the longevity and appearance of the fabric. The fabric is expected to have a 3-5% residual shrinkage.


2. We have recently updated the choices in our Zen 10 oz color palette. Three new colors (Red Rocks, Stone Blue & Sierra Tan) have been added. You can view them here https://prestige123.wpengine.com/zen-10-oz-soft-hand/


All the above fabrics are now readily available for your purchase. Put up: 50 yd rolls, 100% Dyed and finished in the USA. Please contact us at 843-647-6363 or send an email to helpdesk@prestige-impex.com and we will gladly send you a swatch card for free.