Certified Organic Canvas

We inherited a lot of goodness from mother earth and we believe in leaving a better tomorrow for the future generation. We do not believe in cliched jargons and poetic mission statements. We believe in action. We believe in leading by example. With our sister website www.forpeatssake.com,  since 2013, we have been drumming up to promote eco-friendly coconut coir peat and fiber products. In 2015, we started to promote a unique concept. 100% Natural, Eco-friendly animal bedding for horse stalls. For more details, you can visit our website www.coco-barn.com   

In continuation with this core belief, we are proud to offer you a selection of cotton canvas fabrics that are 100% Certified Organic by G.O.T.S. Our organic fabric is free of man-made harmful chemicals. They are ideal for all sewn textile projects like bags, pouches, quilts, pillows, yoga mats, aprons and even baby products. This eco-friendly fabric is good for the earth and even better for the consumer.

These fabrics are available for your ready purchase and stocked at our warehouse in South Carolina. We will be happy to send you swatch cards. Please contact one of our sales associates for more information.