Fabrics for the Abrasive Products Industry

We carry a stock program in cotton and poly-cotton fabrics that are widely used by the abrasive products industry. These cloth buff wheels are used for metal polishing, woodworking, jewel polishing, shoe polish, dental buffs etc.

100% Cotton Sheeting, 20’s x 20’s, 60 x 60

100% Cotton Sheeting, 16’s x 16’s, 60 x 60

100% Cotton Sheeting, 30’s x 30’s, 76 x 72

100% Cotton Sheeting, 40’s x 40’s, 133 x 72

100% Cotton Print Cloth, 20’s x 30’s, 86 x 80 or 68×72

Polycotton Twill, 16’s x 16’s, 108 x 58

Canton Flannels

Denims & more!

In addition, we can supply you with coated/finished fabrics with varying grades (Colors) of stiffness to suit the industrial product you are manufacturing.

Please contact us for details.