Stock Program –  Mil-Spec Fabrics

We have a stock program of fabrics that are Vat dyed and water repellent per the Mil Spec CCC-D-950, Type-1, Class-A. This specification is outlined by the US Government for producing items like duffle bags. Vat dyes have are light fast and have better washing and bleeding standards. This fabric is traditionally used in the applications where performance is more important than the cosmetic appearance of the fabric. The quality of greige is different from what we use for dyeing our Van Gogh, Rembrandt or Da Vinci fabrics.  For high-end commercial applications like tote bags, a fabric from one of those collections would be more suitable. The Mil-Spec goods are meant for manufacturing industrial products that specifically call in for such specs. Government Spec Fabrics, CCC-D-950 Type-1 Class-A,  Vat Dyed, Water repellent, Width: 58/59″, Put up: 50 yd. rolls +/-.